I fell through a hole in the wall, not knowing where i was going. Before, i was doing all right but now i am lost. On this side of the dark, the room is covered with trees. They are all painted gaudy scenes of nature. This painted forest has a large studded door in the corner. I can exit with a turn of the knob but a rabbit blocks the path beyond the door. I say, “nice bunny i need to pass through.” The little creature leers at me. “Bunny is not here. I am RAT!” it roars. I retreat to the far corner of the forest. I am afraid of the RAT’s teeth. Days pass, maybe a week has turned over while I am here. I am stranded in this painted forest, losing any concern of where i am, or where i should be. I must have hurt my head falling through the wall. The gaping hole yawns nearly twelve feet above the floor. The ceiling, i notice, is not there. Upwards extends infinitely. I beamed with high hopes, looking up to escape. I cry at the walls that I am free and I listen, expecting nothing in return. All that I hear are the sounds of bedsprings, a dog barking above the buzz of a television, a broken sob against percussive fists. I gathered myself quickly and I climb the nearest tree. It smells of damar, but it is okay, I am free.