Wandering is back online. See it here.

It was offline for quite some time, I’m afraid to admit the last time I had these pages up was sometime in 2010 (yikes!) and that I started it waaaay back circa 2004 (double yikes!). I suddenly feel very old, and I need to get the rest of the series done.

I apologize to all who had been following it. I had received a handful of emails since then asking to get it back on the internets. Well, now here it is. I really have to thank you folks for this, for kicking my rear into gear. I’ll be working on the next chapter, please check back for it (I won’t set a date since I’m horrible at keeping to my own schedule).

A little bit of background for those who are interested. Wandering is my humble serial. It began with a very simple premise - a man wakes up in the desert. From there, the main vehicle for the story was anything I felt like drawing at the time. I literally let my mind wander. I want to draw a woman in burqa, waiting at the bus stop. There’s a bicycle, and a business suit. Then it’s raining painkillers. How about a cab that rescues the man, and yes, the driver is a bear!  That’s basically all of the elements that went into the first 30+ scenes I stitched together to make a semblance of a narrative. The story doesn’t make sense, but at the same time it makes so much sense. It meanders while I draw, and the plot develops more meaning as the chapters unfold.

What started without any direction now has some sort of direction. I’m halfway done with it, as I’ve set out to make 12 chapters total, and there are some things I still want to do with it while keeping the loose flow. We’ll see how it goes, your guess is almost as good as mine.

Raw in appearance and nature, Wandering is mostly pencil doodles made on index cards. A segment in Chapter V came from a story called Morning.