In the kitchen one night, I found a mouse caught in the trap. As I went to dispose of it, the dead mouse told me this-

    “My friend, you are the strangest of all God’s creatures. You move mountains from the land so that you can build islands in the ocean, simply because you are determined to do so. You turn over stones, peer into the clouds, even venture through time and space seeking to reaffirm your existence. You create names to understand things and numbers to quantify them, and then you scour these things for meaning. Yet, you are not at ease with your own name, nor how you have defined yourself, nor even of your own strength. You are distraught with a hunger to know who you are, why you are, and where you come from. The earth trembles before your path, and your strange and mighty ways have made all other creatures fear you.
    Now, here you are. And here, the trap that you set…
    You see, my friend, until a short while ago I was but a mouse, looking for something to eat to quiet my own hunger.”

    Then there was silence.

    I believed what the dead mouse told me that night. The next morning, I showed it to my mother, and she cried. I showed it to my father, and he tried to take it away. I showed it to my brother, but he only saw a dead mouse and nothing more.