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Upwards (a dreamthought)

I fell through a hole in the wall, not knowing where i was going. Before, i was doing all right but now i am lost.

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In the kitchen one night, I found a mouse caught in the trap. As I went to dispose of it, the dead mouse told me this-

“My friend, you are the strangest of all God’s creatures…”

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hollow strings ring out
in circles
from the bass player’s hand
if the sounds are strong you can see them
if the colors are vivid you can hear them
language beyond breath
it reminds me of summer
i think she will like it

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That night we were in the fields watching the flickering lights. Fireflies drew paths in the air and if we were careful, we could get them to land in the palm of our hands. A quiet illumination, they glow like green embers. I had caught two in the cup of my hand, sometimes even three. Maybe four if I was steady enough. Otherwise, they would fly away altogether.

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I awoke, parched, my throat tightly wound like a knot of string. I reached into my mouth and grabbed the string, pulled it out along with the sparrow tied to the other end. It flew into the cup of my hand.

In the sparrow’s beak there was a length of thread that I tugged and drew forth, freeing the large expanse of pale blue that had once been the morning sky. The sparrow left my hand and disappeared among the distant clouds.

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