Flash commands I can’t work without

Here is a list of handy flash commands I absolutely cannot work without. I made it for myself in case I have to do a clean install of Flash and suffered from install amnesia. Perhaps it might prove useful for the reader that has found this page on the internets.

If you’re not deeply familiar with Flash, one of the greatest features is the ability to create and run custom commands, referred to as JSFL scripts. They can be set up to do many things that you eventually won’t want to do by hand, like automate repetitive tasks such as renaming 100+ library items, manipulating all keyframes on a timeline in one shot, and much more. There are many scripts that have been shared on Adobe Exchange and can be found elsewhere on the internets, and if you’re versed in javascript you can write one yourself.

Since I use Flash for art, you’ll find that my list contains commands that are largely art/animation oriented. All credits and much thanks goes out to the people who scripted and shared these.

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