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Standard Procedure

Here’s a five page mini-comic, in color! This is the first part of a story called Standard Procedure that I am looking to publish in the near tomorrows. There will be much ridiculous madness going on within the pages of this comic, and a little misguided romance as well. Plus, you don’t even have to really know how to read! It’s like show-and-tell, minus all the tell.


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Riot Scene


I had this scene in mind a few months ago, and was able to return to it and work on the drawing. It’s a view of a riot from above (seen from God’s eye, or a news helicopter). I wanted to create a disturbing image that captured the chaotic, explosive violence that people can inflict on one another. I also wanted to achieve this by freezing the moment of impact, rather than portraying graphic depictions of the horrendous and gory result.

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Girl on the platform


I’ve always been fond of studying people’s works-in-progresses. Not only is it interesting to learn how they go about drawing an apple or a nekkid figure, it reveals how their thoughts are processed into a visual form. The most insightful part of it is in witnessing the revisional stages of the process, when you get to see all the scribbling and erasing, all the miss-steps, and the editing that is realized through the artist’s judgement (or the art director’s orders).

That said, here’s my own work-in-progress. I don’t guarantee that it’ll give my unlucky reader as much delicious insight as I mentioned above, but it should be fun nonetheless.

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