Ra Deal invite

Twelve new drawings in the Metropolis series are showcased in a two-person show, hanging out with the fun and colorful paintings by Jared Deal. The show will be up from May 30th through June 28th, 2013.
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Curated by Liz Artinian of Bunnycutlet Gallery.
Hosted by Alex Emmart at Mighty Tanaka Gallery.

Mighty Tanaka Gallery
Front St #224, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Born this day. She’s a work in progress.

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Went down to Miami the first week of December for Art Basel and SCOPE and checked out Untitled and Pulse art fairs, and a Juxtopoz party as well. What a crazy scene it is out there. Got to meet some nice folks from all around.

Three new works from Metropolis made an appearance at SCOPE through the wonderful Bunnycutlet Gallery. Restaurant Scene, Portrait.1, and Portrait.2 were on view by the sands of Miami Beach.

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Bunnycutlet Gallery

Roebling Street. Photo: Alexander Ng

Three of my drawings are hanging out in Brooklyn at Bunnycutlet Gallery. The citizens of Metropolis look pretty happy (well… maybe they don’t, but I’m happy for them) nestled in a room full of eye-popping works from 24 super talented artists. On view are Bar Scene, Transit Scene, and Riot Scene.

The group exhibition, I Love New Dork, will be showing from August 23rd through September 20th, 2013.
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Bunnycutlet Gallery
158 Roebling Street Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Upwards (a dreamthought)

I fell through a hole in the wall, not knowing where i was going. Before, i was doing all right but now i am lost.

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In the kitchen one night, I found a mouse caught in the trap. As I went to dispose of it, the dead mouse told me this-

“My friend, you are the strangest of all God’s creatures…”

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hollow strings ring out
in circles
from the bass player’s hand
if the sounds are strong you can see them
if the colors are vivid you can hear them
language beyond breath
it reminds me of summer
i think she will like it

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That night we were in the fields watching the flickering lights. Fireflies drew paths in the air and if we were careful, we could get them to land in the palm of our hands. A quiet illumination, they glow like green embers. I had caught two in the cup of my hand, sometimes even three. Maybe four if I was steady enough. Otherwise, they would fly away altogether.

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Once again my mind starts to wander


Wandering is back online. See it here.

It was offline for quite some time, I’m afraid to admit the last time I had these pages up was sometime in 2010 (yikes!) and that I started it waaaay back circa 2004 (double yikes!). I suddenly feel very old, and I need to get the rest of the series done.

I apologize to all who had been following it. I had received a handful of emails since then asking to get it back on the internets. Well, now here it is. I really have to thank you folks for this, for kicking my rear into gear. I’ll be working on the next chapter, please check back for it (I won’t set a date since I’m horrible at keeping to my own schedule).

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Flash commands I can’t work without

Here is a list of handy flash commands I absolutely cannot work without. I made it for myself in case I have to do a clean install of Flash and suffered from install amnesia. Perhaps it might prove useful for the reader that has found this page on the internets.

If you’re not deeply familiar with Flash, one of the greatest features is the ability to create and run custom commands, referred to as JSFL scripts. They can be set up to do many things that you eventually won’t want to do by hand, like automate repetitive tasks such as renaming 100+ library items, manipulating all keyframes on a timeline in one shot, and much more. There are many scripts that have been shared on Adobe Exchange and can be found elsewhere on the internets, and if you’re versed in javascript you can write one yourself.

Since I use Flash for art, you’ll find that my list contains commands that are largely art/animation oriented. All credits and much thanks goes out to the people who scripted and shared these.

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I awoke, parched, my throat tightly wound like a knot of string. I reached into my mouth and grabbed the string, pulled it out along with the sparrow tied to the other end. It flew into the cup of my hand.

In the sparrow’s beak there was a length of thread that I tugged and drew forth, freeing the large expanse of pale blue that had once been the morning sky. The sparrow left my hand and disappeared among the distant clouds.

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So what could you do in the times which exist
You can’t fake moves on your brother or your sis
But if your sis is a —, brother is a jerk
Leave ‘em both alone and continue with your work

- Excursions, A Tribe Called Quest

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