Welcome, traveler of the internets, you've found my portfolio. Contained within these pages are images I've created, some of them were accomplished for work, most were done for play.

I hope you enjoy.

Douglas Ra

NYC, USA, Sweet Mother Earth

Working life: Take three cups of creativity, two ounces of problem solving, and one heavy dose of drawing... add a pinch of $$$... smush them all together and you get one happy artist for hire. I am currently committed to a full-time gig. See my CV, view my credentials on LinkedIn, or write to me here for any inquiries, questions or comments.

Personal life: I eat, sleep, and work in NYC. I like sushi, especially salmon. I like to read every once in awhile. I still love a good fiction, but I seem to gravitate towards more non-fiction as I get along in my years. Social science, psychology, cutting edge science, there are so many incredible things to discover in the real world. I love animals, but I'm not a pet owner. I believe irony and paradox are two of the most telling words in our human world. I don't think they really exist in the natural world. I don't like cynicism, all it does is add a sour flavor to everything. Instead, I prefer mangos, cashews, and/or coconuts.